Show delivery/pickup date and time on prints

Use the following code to add the Delivery/Pickup date and time on your prints. This code only works if you have the Delivery & Pickup Scheduling plugin enabled.

function sl_cc_printus_extra_template_data($extra, $order, $template_name){

$order_type = $order->get_meta('lpac_dps_order_type');
$order_type_text = ucfirst($order_type);
$order_date = $order->get_meta("lpac_dps_{$order_type}_date");
$order_date = date('jS F Y', strtotime($order_date));
$order_time = $order->get_meta("lpac_dps_{$order_type}_time");

	$markup = "
	<div style='width: 100%; margin: 0 auto; display: block'>
		<p>{$order_type_text} Date: {$order_date}</p>
		<p>{$order_type_text} Time: {$order_time}</p>

	return $extra . $markup;
add_filter('printus_template__extra_data', 'sl_cc_printus_extra_template_data', 10, 3);

The printus_template__extra_data filter can be used to add other custom data to the prints.

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