Hassle-free Order Printing for WooCommerce

Using any printer, anywhere in the world.

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Cloud Printing From Your WooCommerce Store Has Never Been Easier.

Printus is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that allows you to print receipts, invoices and labels whenever an order is received.

Printus brings the power of blazing fast and reliable cloud printing to any WooCommerce powered store. 

Built With Extensibility in Mind. Take Your WooCommerce Store to the Next Level.

Printus comes with a wide array of WordPress filters and actions that allows the plugin to be easily extended to meet any WooCommerce store’s needs.

Create custom print templates that meet your requirements or contact us to help you create the perfect template for your prints. 

Sit back and rest assured that as soon as you receive an order, a print job will be sent to your printer.

Supports Any Printer on Any OS!

Does your printer work with Microsoft Word, Acrobat or Google Chrome? If yes then Printus will work for you.
Printus will work with any printer connected to a Windows, Mac, or Linux Machine– even Raspberry Pi.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This plugin out of the box works GREAT! Developer is AMAZING!! Checkout ALL plugins by these guys! The date/time picker and Kikote delivery mapped regions are perfect matches for this print to anything plugin! 10/10 Support as well!!!
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rsites Avatar
great product and great support Uriahs is a great developer and very supportive
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Expertmedia Avatar
Great plugin with excellent support The plugin works well and the setup is easy.

When we had an issue with some characters not showing properly, support helped us fix it on our website and planned an update that fixes the issue for good.

Support was fast and helpful and we’ll happily use the plugin again in future projects.
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eleanawebdev Avatar
Very pleased They customized my template exactly as I wanted. Grade 10, congratulations.
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Solomon Avatar
Great Plugins for Ticket printing This plugins is great for automatic ticket printing. I manage a restaurant’s website and this is the only plugin that help solved my problem with automatic printing on my thermal printer. They went above and beyond to help me customise the ticket to meet my needs. Top Product, and even better support team.
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weddam Avatar
Best solution for our online orders printing ! This plugin is the best solution for instant online orders printing for fast food, restaurants etc. We very appreciate the technical support that was really helpful to us and managed to meet our needs and expectations! Thank you very much for your work and keep going this way
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intimclean Avatar
PPOM fields supported Great support. Also support PPOM fields. Thank you.
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BestRanger Avatar
Excellent Plugin & Wonderful Support The plugin functions flawlessly, and the assistance we received while customizing our template was outstanding. Thanks!
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enawmar Avatar

Easy as 1, 2, 3

How It Works

1. Install the PrintNode Client

Start by creating an account on PrintNode and then installing the PrintNode client for your respective system.

2. Install the Printus Plugin

Download Printus on your WooCommerce store and enter your API Key found on the PrintNode dashboard.

3. Configure Printus settings

Select the printer you’d like to print to, select your print trigger, select your print template and configure paper size, font settings etc.

Printus Works With All Major Printer Brands


Multiple Print Triggers

Choose what triggers the remote cloud printing job. By default, Printus comes with 3 triggers: Checkout Complete, Order Complete & Payment Complete. Custom triggers can be used with help of the available plugin filters.

Works With Any Printer

Printus harnesses the power of the PrintNode client. An industry leading Remote Cloud Printing solution used by thousands of businesses. As long as you can print to your connected printer from the computer, then Printus will support it. 

Works on Any System

Currently the PrintNode client works on Windows, MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Raspberry Pi). Download the PrintNode client and start printing today!

Works With Any Paper Size

Printus comes with the option of choosing from a list of default paper sizes such as 80mm continuous (for receipt printers), A4, Legal & Letter as well as the option to set your custom paper width and height for your connected printer.

Configurable Templates

Select from a list of pre-made templates or create your own to meet your needs. Obviously, we can’t cover all use-cases, that’s why we’ve made it possible for you to create your own templates. Optionally, you can use our Custom Template Service to have us code your custom template for you!

Developer Friendly

Remote Cloud Printing has never been easier in WooCommerce. We’ve built the plugin with Developers in mind; providing several Actions and Filters that can be used to adjust the functionality of the plugin.



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