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1.2.3 (Released 22.07.24)

  • [New] Added toggle option for Payment Complete trigger to prevent printing unless the payment was successful.
  • [Change] Prices of products in the printed table will no longer show the discounted price of the product. This behaviour can be changed using the printus_template__item_price filter.
  • [Dev] A new printus_printnode_restrict_printer_ids filter makes it possible to restrict the printer IDs that show on a site. This is useful if you’re using one account across multiple websites.
  • [Dev] Other code improvements.

1.2.2 (Released 09.07.24)

  • [Compatibility] Add support for custom order numbers.
  • [Change] Switched around the printus_template__order_item filter. Please test your print after updating, especially if you’ve gotten a custom template in the past.
  • [Dev] Made it possible to set print triggers as an array to allow for multiple triggers.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 9.1.0-rc1.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.6-rc2.

1.2.1 (Released 14.05.24)

  • [Compatibility] Add support Plugin Republic WooCommerce Add-ons uploads field type.
  • [Dev] Add WC Blocks Incompatibility notice – WooCommerce Blocks doesn’t fire “Checkout Complete” Hook.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.9.0-rc1.

1.2.0 (Released 06.03.24)

  • [Fix] The order item name was being duplicated for items that did not have addons when they were in the same order as items that contained addons.
  • [Compatibility] Add support for WooCommerce Product Add-ons & Extra Options by YITH (both Lite & Pro).
  • [Compatibility] Add support for Advanced Product Fields Pro for WooCommerce by StudioWombat.
  • [Compatibility] Add support for Woocommerce Custom Product Addons Pro by Acowebs.
  • [Change] `printus_template__item` filter has been renamed to `printus_template__order_item`.
  • [Change] Pass entire order item name with variations included to `printus_template__order_item` filter.
  • [Change] Add `text-align: center` to text added to templates via `printus_template__after_template_data` action.
  • [Dev] Add `printus_save_pdf` filter for saving PDF files to uploads directory in `wp-content\uploads\printus-pdfs`. Simply return `true` to the filter to enable.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.7.0-rc1.

1.1.10 (Released 18.02.24)

  • [Fix] Built-in WooCommerce product variations were not showing on printed orders.
  • [Fix] Bold font-weight was not applying correctly for product addon names.
  • [Improvement] Add `printus_template__include_addon_price` filter to enable showing of product addon prices when using PPOM. Simply return boolean true to filter to enable showing of prices.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.6.

1.1.9 (Released 30.11.23)

  • [Fix] Order Complete print trigger was not working.
  • [Improvement] Add “Print Length Fix” option to “Tools” menu which fixes print length issues in some printers.
  • [Improvement] Display product addons better on printed templates.
  • [Compatibility] WooCommerce Product Addons Ultimate by Plugin Republic.
  • [Compatibility] Advanced Product Fields (Product Addons) for WooCommerce by StudioWombat.
  • [Dev] Change plugin initialization to fire on plugins_loaded hook.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.3.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.4.

1.1.8 (Released 15.10.23)

  • [Improvement] Update Cumulus template data to take a bit less space on paper.
  • [Compatibility] With Product Addons & Fields for WooCommerce (PPOM) by ThemeIsle
  • [Fix] Product addon labels would always show on receipt when using Product Addons by WooCommerce.
  • [Fix] A4, Letter and Legal paper sizes were being converted twice.
  • [Info] Compatibility with WC HPOS.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.2.

1.1.7 (Released 26.09.23)

1.1.6 (Released 09.08.23)

  • [Fix] Prints were off canvas because of turning fit to page option to false. Use printus__printnode_job_data filter to add more config data to print jobs if needed.

1.1.5 (Released 09.08.23)

  • [Fix] Converting MM to PT was returning string value instead of float value.

1.1.4 (Released 09.08.23)

  • [Fix] Customer first name showing twice on printed templates.
  • [Fix] Error when no height value is entered in height field for manual paper size.
  • [Improvement] It is now possible to also load custom templates from a plugin and not just child themes.
  • [Improvement] Made PrintNode job data filterable before sending to API.
  • [Info] Tested on WP 6.3.
  • [Info] Tested on WC 8.0.

1.1.3 (Released 20.07.23)

  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.

1.1.2 (Released 06.07.23)

  • [Dev] Version bump.

1.1.1 (Released 06.07.23)

  • [Info] Tested on WC 7.9.
  • [Dev] Updated Freemius SDK.

1.1.0 (Released 24.05.23)

  • [Note] There are breaking changes in this update.
  • [New] Option to add store phone number.
  • [New] Feature to manually print an order (Print on demand).
  • [New] Cumulus Template – for larger sized papers (A4, Letter, Legal +).
  • [Change] Moved around some plugins settings.
  • [Change] Store details of Basic template has been replaced with Customer details.
  • [Change] Made format changes to Basic template.
  • [Change] Basic template has been renamed to Nimbus.
  • [Change] Customer address details will be shown on Nimbus template.
  • [Improvement] More localization string options.

1.0.0 (Released 24.03.23)

  • Initial release.
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